Refurbish 12.23

Refurbish 12.23

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Old and damaged customers rings to be used to make new rings.



Customer  brought in damaged 18ct and 9ct rings  for redesign.

The customer wanted all the 18 ct rings to be made into a pair of stacking rings sett with the diamonds and sapphire in a random line.

The 9ct rings to be made into a pair of wedding bands.

Gold is sorted into ct and colour groups, and weighed.

Diamonds and gems are taken out of settings and examined .

Various golds are cleaned and are melted into new bars.Then rolled into the required shapes.

The ring components like settings mounts and ring shanks are made and soldered together.

The various diamonds and gems are set into their settings.

Finally the rings are finished with emery then polished to a high shine.




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