Treasure Bracelet (with 3 rings)

Treasure Bracelet (with 3 rings)


Treasure Bracelet, personalised bracelet with a sterling ring  bearing a child’s name , crimped on to a plaited leather bracelet with a stainless steel twist and magnetic catch. Each additional ring costs €70 (Treasure bracelet pictured costing €290 with three rings).

Please contact us at mailto:[email protected]  to order yours.


Treasure Bracelet.

The treasure Bracelet has now been added to the very popular Treasurering collection .  Designed to look more casual and be for customers not wanting to wear a necklace.

The brace let is plaited leather with a stainless steel twist and magnetic catch.It comes in various colours (black, brown, white, yellow, red ,blue and pink).

Size 21cm or 22cm.

The sterling silver rings each bear a child’s name which is individually stamped into them . This is then  crimped into position on the bracelet (can not slide off) 

We can if requested add the birth stone and a diamond ,like the Treasurering.

The price starts at €150 for a bracelet with one ring stamped with a name only. Each additional ring costs €70 ,Rings can be added at a later date if the bracelet is returned to us.

To order a Treasure Bracelet you will need to send us an e-mail with the following details:



-name to appear on the ring

-Your name, postal address and contact details.

To order yours please contact us at mailto:[email protected]


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